ShowDogVideoPros will be filming the 2018 Basset Hound National this year.  Here is the important info.




At this link one can find both Streaming Video and Movie Purchase info.


RECORDED Streaming Video only ****NO LIVE STREAM*****

(1) Day-by-Day and Whole Show Passes good thru 12/31/2018!

(2) BHCA 2018 streaming passes good for Recorded Video “One-Day-Delayed”

(3) Watch 24/7, login as many times as you want.

(4) Limit: 1 user per account at a time; 3 browser devices per account.




Just My Dog – Custom-made edited video of JUST your dog.  Includes footage featuring your Dog’s Exam, Movements, Cuts, Placements and Awards.  Includes one or many classes complete with Titling, Music and Slow Motion.  Totally customized to your specs!


****NEW Movies for Purchase Options****

Gorgeous Edited Movies of all Show Conformation Classes and Events. Every Dog is filmed & titled on screen with complete AKC Info. Pre-Order Single Movies or Packaged Sets.


**NEW Choose Your Format**

(1) Standard Definition (regular) DVDs

(2) High Definition Blu-Ray DVDs

(3) Electronic Delivery on USB Flash Drive (for PC or laptop)

(4) Electronic Delivery on Lightning Drive (for iPhone or iPad) 




As a reminder, our contract includes an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO RIGHTS Agreement.  As you know, this means that NO ONE can film from a mounted camera, or film whole classes.

IMPORTANTLY, LIVE streaming video of any kind – to Facebook Live, You Tube, Face Time, etc. is PROHIBITED.

We do allow that folks can film their own dogs **for personal use only** and post to social media.  But again, LIVE Streaming is not allowed.