My affair with this wonderful breed began in 1970, our first was financed for $85 at a pet shop… Those were the days. After attending the beginning days of Suncoast BHC, with an invitation from Brian & Judi Kinnear to a picnic, this grew the Suncoast BHC. They say never ask if you don’t really want to know. Well we asked and got this, Judi and Brian told me our (Jim and my) girl had nice eyes. It was time to search. The Santana Mandeville dogs really impressed us and here we go. Our 1st show dog was an Orangepark Dexter son, he grew 17 ” at the withers, puddle jumper for sure. Loved to show. My first girl, Oranpark Lucille was a short, cobby, coarse and red girl, no one had a red Basset then. She finished quickly, good thing too, I was about to start breeding rabbits!! Over the years we developed our line “Chmar” now no stopping, we finished 28 Bassets (ours), showed many otheres to their Championship. We then produced 22 fine litters. Very active in the Clearwater KC, and Suncoast BHC through their fun matches to the first sanctioned show, a great learning experience. As well all the fun we had. Charter member as I recall. Also worked with the Florida Legislation to eliminate puppy mills and animal crulety acts. Joined BHCA 1972, did not miss many Nationals, never won, but always did a good showing, we have plenty of Armetal to prove it. I have had the honor and pleasure to judge many speciality shows, but the Nationals was on my bucket list. I want to thank the many friends and other exibitors that put their faith on my judging experience. I retired seven years ago as a Surgical Veterinarian Technician, some 40 years of work I loved. Residing at the Fannar home now are two Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds, Gracie & Sky both finished, thank you Midge Martin, our BHCA glaucoma girl Ellie and a new Basset puppy moving in, Agatha Christie, she’s black! They allow us to live there, we are the residents!! Good ones too!!
My love of basset hounds began as a child when my father gave me a pull along “Snoopy” toy. That toy imprinted in my mind what a dog should be – a basset hound. My first basset, Wendell, was acquired in 1983. My addiction to the sport of purebred dogs started shortly thereafter when Wendell won Reserve Winners Dog at his first show. I’ve spent the last thirty-five years trying to re-live the excitement of Wendell’s first (and only) “win.” In 1985 I chose the Silverado prefix as my kennel name and began my search for a show quality bitch. My foundation bitch, CH Leifland’s Iz The Wiz ROM, bred by Kitty Steidel, set me firmly on the path to success. “Izzy” produced seven champions, including CH. Sanchu’s Kizzy-1990 Nationals BOS, CH Silverado Siouxzie-1992 Nationals WB/BOW and multi-specialty and group winning CH Fort Merrill Silverado Norm. When Jim and I married in 1997, we added Fort Merrill dogs to our kennel and breeding program. We are especially proud of our three National Specialty winners - (GCH) Silverado Bling Bling-2007 Best In Senior Sweeps, (CH) Silverado Curb Your Enthusiasm-2009 WD and (CH) Silverado Space Cowboy-2017 WD/BOW. Breeding a litter about every two years, we exhibit in the Bred by Exhibitor class, consistently own and show top ranked basset hounds and have qualified for the National Owner Handled Series for the past six years. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and have personally exhibited over forty dogs to their conformation championships and grand championships. In addition to bassets, I have also owned and shown PBGV, Dachshunds and Pointers – all of which I am approved by AKC to judge. I am a past Recording Secretary of BHCA, a life member of Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Association and a founding member and multi-event chairperson for Fiesta Dog Shows in Arizona. I have had a career in healthcare since 1978, first as a Respiratory Therapist and later in Medical Device sales and management. Being passionate about the health of our beloved canines, nine years ago, I created and still coordinate the AKC Canine Health Foundation Fiesta!, one of the few kennel club sponsored AKCCHF fundraisers. Since 2015, I have served on the Board of the BHCA Foundation, coordinating fundraising for “The Bling Project” in support of AKCCHF Bloat research, Paco the Carousel Basset and the BHCAF Jewelry Raffle. My goals in basset hounds have been two-fold - to breed winners of every conformation award at Nationals and to judge the National Specialty. I am honored, thankful and humbled to have been selected by the membership to judge Bitches at the 2018 National Specialty and I look forward to an exciting entry!
I live in Elmhurst in the UK. Our kennel name is Drawdell which is pronounced DRAW DELL and is our surname backwards. Our first champion was Champion Gaymel Gay Tamarisk purchased from Mrs Marjorie Travis. Now because I worked at a College I could not take time off during the week and in the UK championship shows over several days rotate so that Hounds and Terriers could be on day 1 one year and day 2 the next and so on. So when Tammy as we called her Marjorie was able to show her on occasions when the Championship show was during the week and she showed Tammy’s litter sister. Marjorie won the first CC. On another occasion Marjorie had not entered the show and I wanted Tammy to go so Dennis took a day off and he took her and won the second CC. Then we all went to Scotland when the judge was Bobby James a well-known hound judge and Mrs Jeanne Rowett Johns won the dog CC. We had two puppies out and won 1st and 2nd with them and I won the Open Class, the Bitch CC and competed against the dog and won Best of Breed. Some years later, Jeanne had invited us to her home and asked me what was my most memorable occasion in the ring. Straight away I told her that is easy and she waited and I said “ It was the very first time you looked up my backside instead of me always looking up yours!” Her retort was “Yes but I have a lovely apple bottom!” When we all laughed. Then she said “If memory serves me right – you beat me for Best in Show!!” “Yes a double whammy!!”” However I soon came down to earth the next week when I was down south just ma nagged to get a 5th place in the Open Class – so thinking I had eventually arrived in the show ring was very short lived!” We had 2 hounds sent to Italy when they were 18 months of age the bitch already having been awarded 2 CCs and several Reserve CCs and the dog had Reserve CCs. Drawdell Betsy Trotwood won extensively in Europe and became an International Champion and the male Rembrandt became an Italian Champion. Our next Champion was Biscovey Sweet Caroline who won Reserve Best in Show at the Hound Association Championship show ( we always think of this as the Hound’s equivalent to their own Crufts). Caroline was from a Drawdell bitch bred by Mr Phil Rooney who kept a male from the litter and they did the double several times. His male Champion was Biscovey Robert E Lee. Many hounds gained their stud book number which means that they have won at the highest level and from these hounds we used for mating purpose We had several hounds who were awarded 2 CCs and several reserve CCs sometimes 3 and sometimes 5 but never getting that 3rd but in 2017 after winning Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts our Drawdell’s Marilyn Morrison gained her title much to my late husband’s delight. We started with a red and white have had lemon and white, red blanket. Tri colour, black blanket hounds.
It is an honor to judge Best of Breed at this year’s Nationals. I would like to thank the BHCA membership for this privilege. Sharon and I have had bassets in our lives since 1983. We purchased our first basset (Bogie) on a cold snowy day. Three years later we purchased our 2nd basset (Bacall). We lost Bogie when he was 12 ½ and a few months later we lost Bacall. After a few months of not having a basset in the house, we started looking for another. We didn’t start out looking for a show puppy, but we knew we wanted a basset from a reputable breeder. In 1996, Augie came into our lives. We went to training classes and learned how to show. Augie finished at 13 months. We developed a friendship with his breeder, Harriet Richman, and acquired his littermate Roses when she was a year old. Roses finished very quickly and had only one litter. But from that single litter, BoBac Bassets was born. We have bred over 60 champions, most of which were breeder/owner handled. Quickly after acquiring Augie, we joined the BHCA in 1996 and both local basset hound clubs. I served in various board positions of both the Dal-Tex Basset Hound Club and the Basset Hound Club of Greater Fort Worth. I am currently Corresponding Secretary of the Fort Worth Club. I was Coordinator for the 2008 BHCA Nationals held in Texas and Co-Coordinator and Show Chairman for the 2019 Nationals in Denver, CO. We are also members of Coronado Kennel Club in New Mexico and associate members of Timberline BHC. I have served on numerous BHCA committee positions including webmaster, tellers, nominating, guidelines and judges education. I have served as BHCA President, 1st VP, Director and Recording Secretary. I will be the incoming president of the club beginning on October 6, 2018. I have attended every Nationals, except one, since 1998. I have enjoyed being chair of the BHCA Judges Education committee. Several times a year I am the presenter at Basset Hound seminars and workshops for new breed judges. I have had several articles published on judging our breed. We have been involved with basset rescue for 20+ years. Sharon was Operations Director and I was Treasurer of North Texas Basset Hound Rescue. I worked with an attorney to set up the charter and bylaws. Shortly after that, the group received their 501-c3 status. We currently support the activities of NTBHR. Professionally, I spent my entire career in the computer industry. Prior to my retirement in 2006, I spent 14 years with Tuesday Morning, an 800+ discount store chain, as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. I am currently approved by the AKC to judge Bassets, Bloodhounds, Beagles, Dachshunds, PBGVs and Ridgebacks. I have had the privileges of judging bitches at the 2011 Nationals, many specialties throughout the U.S., as well as New Zealand and Australia.


Randy began training competitively with an English Springer Spaniel puppy in 1981 in obedience and field trials after spending his early childhood years with the family English Springer Spaniel. During his early years of training he served as an obedience instructor for a local club in Illinois and was also fortunate to conduct additional field training with Retrievers and a few Pointing breeds (Brittanys, English Setters, and German Shorthaired Pointers), primarily for hunting but also some participation in field trials. While in college he continued obedience training as well as assisting others with field training on a regular basis. Randy began judging obedience trials in 2002 and Rally at the venue inception. He attempts to emphasize enjoyment of the sport for each team’s time in the ring when having the privilege to judge. Randy continues to participate in obedience and rally trials, agility trials, field events, tracking tests, and occasionally as time and opportunities allow the conformation ring. The emphasis on maintaining versatility in his canine companions remains a primary goal throughout his training years. Randy feels truly blessed to have a combination of Utility Dog, Master Hunter, Champion Tracker, MACH, and RAE titles, as well as breed Championships accompanying the performance titles over the years. His canine companions have allowed Randy to compete in National Agility Championship and National Rally Championship events over the years. Randy thanks the BHCA for the opportunity to be a part of the 2018 National Specialty and wishes all participants throughout the week the very best of luck!

Scent Work

We acquired our first Basset, Misty in early1971 while living in Virginia. Who would have thought back then that this is where we would be today. Like many our first Basset, was not a show dog, although of good lineage. Our second however, was purchased for show just before we returned to Oregon in late 1971 . These two taught us much about the competition world. Misty was our first title holder earning her CD in obedience. Many more Bassets have followed over the years as well as five Newfoundlands, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a Borzoi, a retired racing Greyhound and a Doberman. Our dogs have earned titles in the show ring as well as in field trials, tracking, obedience, rally, agility, coursing ability, hunt test, NACSW K9 Nosework and AKC Scent Work. Many of our Bassets have earned Dual championships and Grand Field Championships as well as ROM. Several have also earned BHC Versatility titles. When we have not been on the end of the lead, we have been lucky to have owners of our breeding who have bought into our desire for our dogs to do and be all that they can. We have been fortunate to have hounds that not only look good but excel in displaying their hunting and superior nose ability. Our Newfoundland’s have earned obedience, Rally and tracking titles. The Doberman has a tracking title and legs toward NACSW and AKC SW titles. Roy has judged the BHCA National tracking test as well as several BHCA National Hunt Tests. Roy was also honored to judge the 2011 AKC Tracking Invitational. Judging all levels of tracking (AKC and ASCA) keeps his calendar pretty booked up, but he enjoys the travel and all that goes into putting on a tracking test. He has been the BHCA Field Trial Advisory Chairman for many years. He began judging AKC Basset and Dachshund field trials in about 1984. Roy also judges all levels of AKC Scent Work. Roy has served as committee person/chair and officer for several clubs in addition to BHCA (Emerald Dog Obedience Club, Emerald Empire Basset Hound Fanciers, Basset Hound Club of Portland, OR and Timberline Basset Hound Club). Melody is an AKC conformation judge (Bassets, Borzoi, Dachshunds, Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Junior Showmanship) and AKC judge for Basset, Beagle and Dachshund field trials and AKC Scent Work. In addition Melody judges ASCA conformation, juniors and tracking. Melody has been President of Emerald Dog Obedience Club for many years. In addition to being chairman of many EDOC events, is also an instructor for tracking, obedience and Rally and performs the clubs CGC testing. Melody has also served TBHC as officer and committee member; EEBHF and BHCP as an officer and field trial secretary and chairman. Melody was BHCA Treasurer (1983 – 1986); Director (1994-1995); Corresponding Secretary (1996-1998); Hunt Test chairman from its beginning and several years after and remained as a committee member until 2015. Melody has been a member of the Versatility Committee for many years, also served as Tally Ho Editor and a member of the By-Laws Committee.


In 1968 I bought my first Basset Hound and in 1969 started to show my first dog and joined the BHCA the same year. We bred or owned/co-owned nearly 50 champions under the kennel name “Marshill”; we were a small operation. Our kennel name was derived from two kennels that encouraged and inspired us so much, Paul & Mary Marishen and John & Margretta Patterson, Margem Hill Bassets. We only bred for our own pleasure. In 1977, I won WD/BOW at the Nationals with Marshills Wheeler Dealer. In 1991 we bought Lil Creek Briarcrest Top Gun, who went on to have a very successful show career, winning the Hound Group at Westminster Kennel Club. Other aspects of my dog show life include being show chair for the Louisville Kennel Club for many years and running what was at the time the largest dog show in North America as well as working as a professional handler and groomer at various junctures over the years. I am honored to be Judging the Futurity/Maturity at the Nationals and look forward to seeing a hopeful future for our breed.

Hunt Performance Test

Ken is active in field trails, hunt tests and conformation and enjoy watching tracking, obedience and agility. He retired from the Navy as A Senior Chief Aviation Electricians mate in 1985, and in 2003 retired from his second career as a field service technician, giving him more time with Bassets and Grandkids. Ken is a 50 year BHCA member, a charter member of Susquehanna BHC, and member of Valley Forge, Lenape, Patroon and Capital District Basset Hound Clubs. He has been National Field Trial Chairperson and Secretary many times and National Hunting Performance Test Chairperson several times. Currently he's a member of the Field Trial Advisory Council (FTAC) and the BHCA Hunting Performance Test Committee.
I went to my first basset field trial in the spring of 1993 at the Bluegrass Beagle Club in LeGrange, Ky. I held dogs, beat brush, spotted rabbits and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the field trialers. The fall of 1993 I purchased my first basset, CK Scarlet, from Harold and Peggy Sutton out of NJ. In 1995 I joined BHCA and established the Pathfinder Basset Hound Club with the help of a lot of Central District Field Trialers. My experiences of traveling through the Midwest and East field trialing have created a lot of friendships and memories over the years. I am proud to have finished 13 field champions with 5 obtaining their grand field championships. Kenny Engle asked me to judge the hunt test with him several years ago, so here I am with several more judging events under my belt. My hounds competed in their first hunt test this past spring in NY. I think I am officially hooked.
I was born and raised in California, where my parents bred and showed Beagles and Great Danes when I was a child. From early on I helped my father and mother take care of our dogs, feeding, cleaning and helping to whelp our litters. Later they mostly had rescues including purebred Great Danes and Shepherds. I have had dogs my whole life and they have always played a central role in my life along with family. Throughout the years I have had many different breeds of dogs, many of which were rescues. Currently I have own and show Basset Hounds. I acquired my first Basset Hound twenty years ago when I rescued a young Basset Hound that had bloated and the owner relinquished her to our Animal Urgent Care Hospital. We were able to save her life and I brought her home to recover. She was a wonderful dog, a great addition to our house, and we fell in love with Basset Hounds. My daughter and I acquired many more Basset Hounds through the years, breeding two litters that have produce many Champions, Field Champions, Dual Champions and Dual Grand Champions. I have been very active in performance sports with my Basset Hounds. I compete in Conformation, Field Trials, Hunting Performance, Obedience, Agility, Rally and Coursing, in addition to volunteering in the community with my Basset Hounds that are Registered Therapy Dogs. Many of my Basset Hounds have earned their Versatility Titles and two have their Versatility Excellent Masters titles. Thank you to the BHCA for the invitation to judge Hunting Performance Test, I appreciate this opportunity.
John has been an owner and breeder of Basset Hounds for a good number of years having earned field championships and duals on his dogs. He has been a mainstay of the field community and a dedicated supporter of the hunting performance test; also a valuable, easily approachable mentor for the sport. John has traveled thousands of miles, donating his time and effort toward supporting Basset Hound field events. He is much appreciated by participants and also by newcomers to the sport.
Have judged HPT’s in Colorado for several years but this will be my first time doing an eastern test. Hoping to gain a lot of experience and learn from the experts. I’ve been an active member of Timberline Basset Hound Club for many years and have always had Bassets. Have been interested in all venues involving Bassets – conformation, tracking, hunting, obedience, agility. Looking forward to the trip and to meeting many of you.
Owner and breeder of working Jack Russel terriers for over 30 yrs. I discovered Basset Hounds as a result of a rescue and quickly fell in love. Nine years and 4 Bassets later, I continue(s) to be impressed by the ability and nature of this wonderful breed. Focused primarily on the working aspects of the breed, l enjoy spending my time in the field developing my dogs for trial and performance.